How To Create And Share A Guide With Snapguide

Websites such as eHow and wikiHow have until now held a monopoly on how-to information, but their limitations and complications have been exposed by Snapguide. While both of the aforementioned sites provide plenty of content, the former can be seen to be too corporate and impersonal, while the latter lacks the quick and easy approach Snapguide offers.

In this tutorial we’ll show you why Snapguide is a cut above, and explain how in mere minutes you can upload a definitive guide to pretty much any topic of your choosing. Whether you want to explain how to tie a tie or share your great cheese on toast recipe, there’s not much you won’t be able to explain with Snapguide’s easy and intuitive photo and text tools.

Once you’ve created your guide we’ll show you how to share it with your friends and other users, and from there you’ll be able to browse the huge array of content already available on Snapguide.


Snapguide: Make And Share Guides


The first thing you’ll need to do is sign in. You can do this either with one of your preferred social networks or an email address. Using a social network sign-in will allow you to share your guides with people who are outside of the Snapguide user community later on.


Getting started on your first how-to guide is easy as pie. All you need to do is press the Create button on the bottom bar. If you need some inspiration, have a look at the Snapguide community and try exploring some creations from other users before getting started.


After picking a title, you’ll find the Editor. It is here that you’ll see all your steps laid out in order. This is where you’ll be able to edit your steps, and ensure that the guide flows well, includes all the necessary information, and looks and sounds exactly how you want it to.


Before you start your guide you’ll want to add a summary in the first page. This is just a short précis of what the guide will help you to achieve. Then, swipe to the right to add a useful list of supplies that people are going to need to complete the guide.


From the editor you can upload photos, video and text from your iPhone’s Camera Roll with the Add Step button. This is to help instruct users who are reading your guide. Be warned though, only one photo or video can be used per step, so make sure it says everything you need to say.


When you’re finished, hit Next in the editor to go to the publishing page. This is where you can change the cover image before your guide is uploaded to the Snapguide community, and if relevant, your chosen social networks.

How to Edit Videos Like A Professional With Avid App For iPad

The emergence of iMovie and other video editing software in the mainstream has not been surprising given the improvements in mobile technology in recent years like the ability of devices to allow users to capture events no matter where they are. Being able to take these clips home and then edit them in desktop suites was the first step, but now the iPad has allowed developers to make even those suites remote.

Avid Studio is one of if not the best to work with, given its very well thought out dashboard that places all the tools you’ll need at your fingertips, including your device’s entire media library, and the effects to turn a collection of clips into something much more polished.

Avid allows you to add transitions between frames for a smoother viewing experience, in addition to pre-designed montages into which you can drop your clips. The whole app is designed around a drag and drop functionality, meaning you car Dick up and drop clips and effects as you wish. The inclusion of a Storyboard above the traditional timeline is also an interesting feature, as it’s a handy quick drop point for effects and clips.

Avid App For iPad

Take at look at some of the cool things you can do to your movie projects with Avid below.

Step by Step: How to Edit Videos Like A Professional With Avid App For iPad


As well as your timeline, you have a Storyboard that provides content breakdown at a glance. if you want to change the shot order, you can drag and drop a clip to a new location, taking any set effects with it.


To add smoothness to your movies you can place transitions between your clips. Avid recently added some new options, so it now has 16 to pick from such as fades and slides. Drag and drop your preference onto the storyboard. [Read more...]

How To Make Your Files Totally Mobile

Ever since the pen drive, memory stick or USB key (call it what you will) replaced the floppy disk, most of us have kept one near at all times. Now we have smartphones and tablets that work with our desktops and cloud servers, so where does this leave the USB device? Well, thanks to AirStash it seems it still has plenty to offer.

This memory drive comes with an 8GB memory card and a built-in Wi-Fi network for serious storage space and quick access. Once the AirStash has been charged you treat it as you would any USB stick – plug it in, then drag and drop the files you want to put on it from your desktop or laptop.

But this is where things start to change, as should you suddenly be struck by the need to access your files, all you have to do is turn on the stick’s Wi-Fi, join the network on your device and then use the free app – downloadable via the App Store – to access the memory card. Seeing as this is your own Wi-Fi network you can do this anywhere, and up to eight devices at once can join the network with seamless file sharing. While more than one person or device is accessing AirStash files vie the app, you can refresh the page to keep yourself up to date with any new files added by others


Step by Step: How To Make Your Files Totally Mobile


Plug the device into your computer’s USE port and drag and drop all the files you need on to the stick. Once you’re done, eject and hold the power button until the green light flashes. Then head over to the App Store to get AirStash+.

2. Wi-Fi

Upon opening that app you’ll get e message telling you to join your AirStash’s Wi-Fi network. So go to Settings>Wi-Fi Networks and select the AirStash. Once the connection is confirmed you’re ready to return to the app. [Read more...]

How to Create And Share Your Favourite Playlists With Rdio On iPhone and iPad

Rdio is an excellent service for finding, collecting and carrying as much music as you can with you, but it can be so much more. The Playlist functionality is integral to the way the service works, and on an Android smartphone it is even more important.

Building new playlists is an incredibly easy process, and once you know the process, you will be creating new lists in no time at all. They let you organise your music more efficiently and also show others the type of music you enjoy.

The social aspects of the service mean that you can effectively create a digital mix tape and share it with anyone you like, and it only takes seconds to do. The process for sharing playlists is semi-automated, and all of the work to get in touch with friends is done elsewhere. Follow those people whose music tastes you understand and get some people following you and you are done. When you create playlists, they will be shown in your timeline and can be listened to by anyone simply by tapping them,

Some of the tasks are not completely intuitive, but this simple guide will show you the most effective way to create and share playlists directly on your Android device. Warning: once you start building playlists, you may find it extremely difficult to stop.

Rdio On iPhone

RDIO: Dealing With Rdio Playlists


The best way to create your first playlist is to find a song within Rdio and then to tap the’+’ button. A pop-up menu will appear and you should choose Add to Playlist.


You will see a blank page pop up with New Playlist at the top. Tap this and then give it a name in the next box that pops up. The song you chose will now be in the playlist.


You can now search for any songs you like and use the’+’ button to add them to your playlist. Try not to make each playlist too long and, if possible, keep them organised by genre. [Read more...]

How to Multitask To The Max With Tapose On iPad

Multitasking at work was made easier by the iPad, but now Tapose and its interface are making to possible to double up on tasking from within the device.

The app not only allows users to create journals and workbooks for their needs, but you can also instantly create a second window on screen -containing a web browser among other things – that works seamlessly alongside your journal window. You can also drag and drop information between the two windows via your in-app clipboard, as well as open your contacts book or view maps through either window.

The app has impressively deployed gesture based interaction, as pulling up on the menu button reveals a hidden sub-menu from which you can open your Contacts book or the Calculator. It feels like almost everything you need for a solid day’s work is within reach in Tapose, and the ability to run sections of the app side-by-side is a bonus to users. Tapose will undoubtedly improve productivity among those who use it wisely.

Tapose On iPad

About The App


Productivity on your iPad has never been so fluid or efficient

Using your iPad as tool for efficiency is easily one of the device’s biggest selling points, and a market that the Tapose app has cracked into extremely well. From within its interface, you can not only create journals using the handwriting and typing tools, but also open a web browser alongside and surf for information as you type – sharing it across your pages. [Read more...]

How To Turn Your Photos Into Works Of Art With Photoshop Touch

Photoshop is the creative tool of choice for anyone who wants to manipulate their images and while the Adobe giant has been around on an iOS device before – Photoshop Express on the iPhone being one incarnation – this version is altogether better and much more feature-packed.

Using Photoshop Touch, you can transform an image from something rather staid into something very special using a host of features that pull down from three sides of the screen, You can change the brushes and colour, add effects, make adjustments and use sliders to get them exactly right, and even work with the all-important layers for the very best in control, ensuring you get a rich, editable environment in which to work.

One the of nice aspects to Photoshop Touch is the array of tutorials that you can work through while you learn new techniques and get more proficient. We’re going to look at the basics here, but it’s worth going through those tutorials if you want to get the most of out of this relatively inexpensive package. They are not always easy to follow – sometimes you wonder where a feature it refers to is located – but the trial and error is part of the learning process, and there is certainly a lot to discover here.

Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch: Basics


When you launch Photoshop Touch, you will be given two options: to launch tutorials or start a project. Let’s dive straight in and start a project. You can pull a photo from your iPad’s Camera Roll, Photoshop’s Cloud, your camera, Facebook or a Google Image search.


Now we have our image to play with. Tap the ‘slider’ icon – this will allow you to make adjustments. A window appears which shows the options from black and white to temperature, shadows and even curves. Tap the option you want to activate it.


By using the slider options, you are able to make your adjustments. When you have finished, you can choose to Apply if you are satisfied with the changes you want to make. It is also possible to Cancel or Reset the image if you make a mistake. [Read more...]

Make Brainstorming Creative With iDesk

It is unusual to find an app that focuses mainly on diagram creation, yet has such a wealth of uses and features. iDesk though breaks the mould for productivity apps by striking an impressive balance between the user’s freedom to be expressive on their device, and staying neat and organised at the same time.

iDesk’s essentially a tool for creating brainstorms and mind-map diagrams, should you ever need somewhere to document your thoughts. The app allows you to draw freehand as well as type text to accompany your work. On top of this you can also add audio notes, as well as share any of your finished products easily and with a range of outlets.

The best features of the app though come from the menu tab at the bottom of The screen, from which you can tweak how iDesk responds to your input. For example, the app has a shape recognition facility, which converts any rough shapes you draw into neat, straight-lined versions. This is ideal should you need the perfect triangle or straight line, and don’t want to waste time scrolling through a sub-menu for a template.

You can turn these features off and use iDesk surely as a sketching app, but the amount on offer will probably keep you from doing that. Here is closer look at some of the best features of iDesk.


Step by Step: Make Brainstorming Creative With iDesk


If you want to do some freehand sketching you can. Ensure that the Pen tool in the bottom menu is selected, and then turn off other settings like Shape Recognition and Snap to Grid.


One of the most useful and time saving tools within iDesk is the Shape Recognition system, which sees the app automatically complete or beaten your rough edges and lines.


Rather than having to go through a menu screen and select an arrow before dropping it in, as in some programs, drawing a line between the centre of two shapes automatically creates one. [Read more...]

Manage All Of Your Documents In Quickoffice Pro HD

File-management suites are a growing market in the App Store. With more people now owning iPads, the need to be productive with all your files no matter the location has increased dramatically. Quickoffice Pro HO has taken this idea a step further by not only providing a hub for a range of productivity and file-sharing services such as Dropbox and Catch, but also giving you complete access to Microsoft Office software, and allowing you to create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with n the app. These have all been optimized for the iPad, with touchscreen gestures that then enable you to apply standard procedures like word count and text formatting.

This sense of functionality is present on the app’s home screen, with a drag-and-drop system for managing all the files across your accounts. Indeed, unlike other file-management systems. Quickoffice gives you the power to even delete files that are not saved directly to it.

This emphasizes the feeling of organisation and productivity that runs throughout the application, which is very fitting considering the nature of what it’s trying to do.

Quickoffice Pro HD


To create a new document, tap the document icon in the bottom menu bar, and then select the file type, which informs Quickoffice that you would like to create either an Excel, Word or PowerPoint document.


Once you’ve sealed on your document, you can start to put it together. In Word, this is as simple as tapping the page and starting to type, while noting the format tools taken straight from Word.


As well as the options you can see along the top menu, tapping the format icon allows you to edit the font and its size, as well as paragraph layout and text colour, just like on a desktop or laptop. [Read more...]

Find My Cheating Wife App…Otherwise Known as “Find My Friends”

Think your wife (or husband) is cheating on you? There’s an app for that – the Find My Friends app. Your partner may have even installed it on their phone already.

Find my Friends is a way to track and meet up with friends. If you sign up to the app you can reveal your location to your family and friends. It’s a brave new feature from Apple considering the concerns there are about privacy issues, but they released it anyway.

Find My Friends

A post on MacRumors Forum suggests that this app not only helps you find your friends, but also where your partner really is. On Saturday evening a post appeared in the forum saying:

Divorcing wife. Thanks iPhone 4s and Find My Friends.

It went on to say:

“I got my wife a new 4s and loaded up find my friends without her knowing. She told me she was at her friends house in the east village. I’ve had suspicions about her meeting this guy who live uptown. Lo and behold, Find my Friends has her right there.

I just texted her asking where she was and the dumb b—- said she was on 10th Street!! Thank you Apple, thank you App Store, thank you all. These beautiful treasure trove of screen shots [sic] going to play well when I meet her … at the lawyer’s office in a few weeks.”

Things seem to have finished on a positive note for the MacRumors poster ThomasMetz as he finished off by saying:

“thankfully, she’s the rich one.”

To date the story hasn’t been verified, but I think it will definitely make a lot of husbands and wives suspicious of any apps their partners install for them, particularly ‘Find My Friend’. If I was trying to catch a cheating spouse or partner, I would probably install a stealth iPhone tracking app like Mobistealth.

The Wine Demon iPhone App: Rates Wines & Earn Points

Wine Demon have launched an iPhone app. In case you don’t know who Wine Demon are, they’re the company who are trying to become the ‘Trip Advisor for wines’. Let’s say you’re in the supermarket, at a restaurant or maybe even onboard a flight at you’re wondering what wine to choose. (Note: there are some people who choose wine based on a number of factors like country, grape, vintage etc. All of this as opposed to simply getting the house red.) You’re confused by all of the different options. The wine menu’s like a small novel and the waiter is hanging about like a bad smell.

Well simply whip out your iPhone and it *should* be able to tell you where you are, what wines are there and most importantly, which of those wines other Wine Demons have liked. I saw should simply because the app is very new and a wine demon may not have visited that restaurant yet. In theory though, if it did grow in the same way as Trip Advisor, you could very well just walk into a restaurant and pick what – according to the other wine demons at least – is that best wine there.

Wine Demon iPhone App

I’ve been playing around with the app and it’s pretty intuitive. Rating wines takes just a few seconds. It’s easy to find well-rated wines and most importantly users earn points for every wine they rate and every wine they discover (rating a wine that’s not in the database). Points can be redeemed on Naked Wines and users can earn up to 5000 points (equiv to £50 off at Naked Wines).

Regular Wino has a good writeup on the launch event. You can download the app from the iTunes store.